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The Invitation

Your eccentric neighbor, Roy has always kept to himself. He hasn’t been the same since that mysterious accident that claimed the life of his wife. Rumors have spread that he’s becoming more and more detached from reality – obsessed over….something. He’s invited you over to his house and your intuition begs caution. However, what could this be about? Your curiosity is too overwhelming to turn this down…

You be the judge

Set in a dystopian future, the Supreme Court has become corrupt and is looking to overthrow the world governments. A ‘resistance’ has formed among the citizens who look to you and your team to infiltrate the chambers of one of the Supreme Court judges who is believed to be a mole, find the secrets allowing the Supreme Court their power, and free the people from tyranny.

A sinking situation

You have heard many stories about the U.S.S. Cape and are intrigued by the wonders that it has uncovered. So you got a group of friends together to take a tour of the retired submarine. But while the tour has just begun, something has gone wrong. The submarine is starting to submerge! It’s up to you and your friends to raise it back to the surface before you all sink…