Do you have what it takes to Conquer the Chamber?

A New Kind of Interactive Gaming Experience

Conquer the Chamber is an exciting new interactive multiplayer gaming experience.  The way it works, in a nutshell, is we lock you and up to nine of your friends in one of our rooms and start the timer.  Inside, you’ll find games, riddles, puzzles, and other clues that will help you escape.  If you can solve your way out before your time is up, you win.  If not, you’re among the hundreds of others who have been bested by the chamber.  Click the ‘Escape Rooms’ tab above to learn more about the chamber experiences we’re currently running or click ‘Reservations’ to book your spot today!
What a blast! The puzzles were solid, challenging, but not impossible; the staff were super friendly and helpful; and we had a great time! Totally recommend this. Sean B.

Came and Conquered with 2 min to spare! We loved the variety of clues, the space, and the ability to get minor hints from the moderator in times of need. We also liked that the clues weren’t too easy because we enjoy the challenge 🙂  Would definitely recommend. Waiting to see what their new rooms might reveal! Stephanie S.

Conquer the Chamber really delivered with their room: Cuffs and Corruption. The clues were just right for it to be the perfect mix of fun and challenging. I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour. Pete A.

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